Month: January 2017

7 Photos That Capture My America

The theme for the January #FindYourPark Photo Challenge on Twitter was “This is MY America.” The theme (curated by the Nature Tech Family blog), was very timely during the post-inauguration turmoil. The subsequent attacks on our public lands and science community have been stressful. So, we all needed a daily mental break to remind ourselves to remember the good in America. Similar to last time, I decided to round up my 7 photos that capture my America from this month’s challenge and share them with you here: Day 1 – “Sentimental” This @AcadiaNPS sunrise moved me to tears and is my sentimental...

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Hike 2 of 52 – Theodore Roosevelt Island Hiking Trails

For Hike 2 of the 52 Hike Challenge, Hubs and I set off to explore the Theodore Roosevelt Island hiking trails. We have lived in the DC Metro Area for 8 years and until this weekend had never visited the island. Honestly, it wasn’t until the last couple years that Roosevelt Island has even been on our radar. When I started this Challenge, I knew that we one of my hikes would have to be on the island. By combining trails and wandering along the shore, we ended up hiking 2.38 miles on the island. It actually is a bit...

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Hike 1 of 52 – River Trail Hike in Great Falls Park

As I recently mentioned, I have decided to participate in the 52 Hike Challenge in 2017. Today, for Hike 1 of the challenge, I completed part of the River Trail hike in Great Falls Park, Virginia. While the first part of the River Trail was really busy (near the overlooks), the rest of the trail was sparsely traveled – as one would expect for a late January hike. I hiked 1.74 miles according to my app and it felt really good to get out in the woods again. Great Falls Park We’ve visited Great Falls Park numerous times with...

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Welcoming 2017

Now that we have been welcoming 2017 for a few days, I am seeing a lot of posts on social media about new years resolutions. In my younger years, I would have been one of those people making a list of resolutions. Unfortunately, I was also one of those people who really struggled to keep them as the year progressed. Knowing this about myself, I stopped making new year resolutions a few years ago. This was in equal parts due to not wanting to set unrealistic expectations for myself and not wanting to feel anxiety/pressure by having to complete them. All...

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2016: A Year in Review

I’m struggling to find words to describe 2016. It was a year of big losses (my grandfather and deciding to end our neverending infertility battle) and exciting highs (lots of visitors, a trip to Tahoe, and the National Park Service Centennial). The presidential election nearly sent me into a panic attack and I am saddened by the blatant disregard for human life here in the states and across the globe. It was also a rough year health-wise for myself and several of my loved ones. In the end, however, I’m making efforts to remember all the good that happened instead...

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