Last weekend, Hubs and I headed to Wisconsin for a very short weekend trip. Short as in … we didn’t get to our destination until Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning. While it was short, it was also purposeful. Hubs had not been to see my mother since she had her strokes, it was my parent’s wedding anniversary, it was my youngest sisters prom, and my family’s first exchange student (they are on #13) was visiting from Brazil. Crazy, right?! I’m so thankful that Hubs and I could both take a long weekend to make this trip happen.


We flew into the Twin Cities on Friday morning. It takes about 3.5 hours to drive to my parent’s house from the airport. It always takes us longer as we first have to stop at Culvers (my ritual when visiting the Midwest). I love the drive as we follow Mississippi River for a good portion of it. I’m a river girl at heart and the ‘Sippi always helps center me. Friday evening at a family BBQ at my cousin’s house and had a good time catching up with family.

Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin


Saturday was insane. We got up and headed to a neighboring town to visit my Grandma and aunts. We only had a few hours, but we squeezed in a couple visits and lunch at the Unique Cafe in Boscobel, WI. It’s one of those throwback places that has old-time decor and doesn’t accept credit cards. We love it! After family time, we headed back home to help finish decorating for prom. Yes, you read that right, lol. My sister and her friends were in charge of decorating, which means we all were! ;) After decorating, the prom court had group pictures. (They were so cute together!) We eventually had dinner to celebrate my parent’s anniversary at the Old Oak Inn in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. The food was great and I enjoyed wandering around the Inn. After dinner, it was off to the Grand March at the prom … and then bed!

Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin


We were on our way to the airport (about an hour into the drive) when we learned our flight was delayed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough time to turn around and visit with my family. So, we opted to stop in La Crosse for breakfast at a new-to-us place called Greengrass Cafe. It had great Yelp reviews and also focused on locally sourced foods. Once at the airport, we killed the last hour in one of the lounges (thank you Priority Pass!).

Wisconsin Wisconsin