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Hike 6 of 52 – Hiking From Great Falls National Park to Riverbend Park

Earlier today Hubs and I completed Hike 6 in the 52 Hike Challenge by hiking from Great Falls National Park to Riverbend Park. The parks are adjacent to each other and can be accessed by car or foot in Great Falls, Virginia. We hiked a total of 3.30 miles on this there and back hike. After this hike, my challenge stats include: 6/52 hikes completed (11.5% of the way to my goal) 13.76 miles hiked 6 unique trails 1 solo hike 5 companion hikes Part 1: Hiking the Potomac Heritage Trail in Great Falls National Park We parked in the northernmost parking...

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Hike 5 of 52 – Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park Hiking Trails

On Sunday, Hubs and I completed Hike 5 of 52 while exploring various Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park hiking trails. My knee had was bothering me, so we opted to stick close to home and complete a short hike. We ended up hiking a total of 2.33 miles. Getting to Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park is located in Leesburg, Virginia. The park can be accessed from Highway 15 in Leesburg by taking Battlefield Parkway east and then making the first left onto Balls Bluff Road NE. Balls Bluff Road NE is easy to miss as it...

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The Best Restaurants on Kodiak Island, Alaska

Hubs and I only had a few days on Kodiak Island, but in that time we found several delicious places to eat. I wanted to share with you what we thought were the best restaurants on Kodiak Island. Hopefully, this will help you pre-plan if you intent on visiting Kodiak in the future. I also wanted to pass on a special note that we were told to always call ahead to restaurants in Kodiak to make sure that they were open. We were surprised to learn that many of their grills closed around 7:30 p.m., which is earlier than...

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Kodiak Island Airbnb Review: Seaside Casual

The following is a personal and unsupported review of Seaside Casual, a Kodiak Island Airbnb we stayed at in Alaska. Finding the Right Kodiak Island Airbnb There are numerous Kodiak Island Airbnb options that cater to different types of visitors. If you want to stay close to town, there are options near the shops. If you want to stay directly on the water there are fewer options. Nightly prices range from just shy of $100 for an apartment to over $375 for an entire house. These may seem high if you are from the lower-48. However, you will soon learn the...

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A Review of Kodiak Island Flights and Rental Cars

There are two main travel options for people wishing to visit Kodiak Island, Alaska: by ferry or by plane. Our decision to fly to the island was solidified pretty quickly when my father-in-law lovingly referred to the ferry as the “Dramamine express”. I think Hubs would have risked it for the views the ferry offers, but my motion sickness was not something he wanted to deal with for hours on end when flying was an option. Flying to Kodiak Island The whole experience of flying from Anchorage to Kodiak was a bit surreal. We arrived at the airport the...

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