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5 Things To Do On Your Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Day Trip

Let me start this post by sharing that Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is my favorite Washington DC-based day trip and I don’t know if anything will ever unseat it! First, it was one of the first places we ventured to outside of the immediate DC metro area after moving to the National Capital Region. Second, I love that I can easily adjust our route and activities based on the activity level and schedule of our travel companions. Third, I love that this one small town has connections to so many events and movements in history including: Lewis and...

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Handing Over the Trip Planning to my Husband

If you were to ask my husband what it was like planning a vacation with me, he would first laugh and then tell you he leaves it all up to me. My need for control of situations around me and desire to fit in as many National Park Service sites as possible in a single trip means that it is just easier on everyone involved if I plan our trips. However, due to graduate school and health issues, the planning of our BIG vacation to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska (more posts coming soon) mainly fell on the sturdy...

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Cascadian Farm Roadside Stand

One of my favorite aspects of adventuring, as we call it in my family, is that there are always little perks along the way. One recent perk happened on our recent day-trip to the North Cascades National Park Complex (read about it here and here). We stumbled upon the Cascadian Farm Roadside Stand. I would later learn that this marks the home farm location of the popular organic Cascadian Farm brand (I’m a big fan of their raisin bran cereal and peanut butter granola bars). It just so happens that when we stumbled upon this pleasant surprise, I was hopped up on caffeine after a horrible night...

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Seattle Daytrip to Diablo Lake

The Ross Lake National Recreation Area is simply stunning. We visited the main drag (Highway 20) during our day trip to North Cascades National Park and fell in love with the turquoise waters of Diablo Lake. Seriously, check it out: That amazing turquoise color is not altered digitally (#nofilter) and provides an amazing contrast to the forest-covered mountains around it. This phenomenon is caused by glacial flour that is suspended in water. For those with inquiring minds, you can read up on glacial, or rock flour here. Because you stayed with me through the nerdy stuff, I’m going to...

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North Cascades National Park, an Easy Day Trip from Seattle

Whenever we start planning a trip, I always take a few minutes to look at the National Park Service website to see if there are any National Parks or other park service units that we have yet to visit. Having been to Seattle previously, I thought we would have covered most of the sites, but I was wrong and had myself wondering how in the heck we had missed North Cascades National Park on our epic 10,000 road trip back in 2009?! After I got over my initial shock, I immediately starting adjusting our schedule to see if it...

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