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Viewing Sunrise in Shenandoah National Park’s Central District

With over 75 overlooks, it can be hard to determine the best place to view sunrise in Shenandoah National Park. I spent quite a bit of time reading blog posts and review websites to figure out our viewing location. After my research, I narrowed down my options to three Central District overlooks: Buck Hollow, Tunnel Parking, and Hazel Mountain. The Central District of Shenandoah National Park is the area between Thorton Gap Entrance Station (Route 211) and Swift Run Gap Entrance Station (Route 33). All three of my final options in the Central District are located just South of the...

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Flying to Kodiak Island, Alaska

A ferry and a plane are the two main travel options for people wishing to visit Kodiak Island, Alaska. Our decision to fly to the island was solidified pretty quickly when my father-in-law lovingly referred to the ferry as the “Dramamine express”. I think Hubs would have risked it for the scenic ferry views offers, but my motion sickness was not something he wanted to deal with for hours on end when flying was an option. Flying to Kodiak Island The whole experience of flying from Anchorage to Kodiak was a bit surreal. We arrived at the airport the...

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Kodiak Island Car Rental Options

For an out-of-the-way island off the coast of Alaska, there were more Kodiak Island car rental options than we expected. The Kodiak Airport had two national rental car options (Avis and Budget) and both had reasonable “Alaska” rates. We found a great coupon code and ended up renting with Avis. We discovered a third option in the car lot called Rent-a-Heap – which is perfect for adventuring! Rental Car Pickup We picked up our car from the Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport (more commonly known as the Kodiak Airport) immediately after our flight landed. It is impossible to miss the rental car...

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Where are the women in country music?

Today, I’m going to depart from my typical type of post and focus on gender equality in country music. If you weren’t aware, there is a startling lack of women in country music these days. This topic might seem like quite the topic stretch for me if you only know me from reading my blog. However, I hope you will bear with me for a minute while I talk about a topic that has been bothering me for years. Before I dive in, I wanted to provide a bit of background on what music means to me. Music has...

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Tips for coping with infertility on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. Like every year since we moved away from our parents, Hubs and I each called our fathers for a quick chat. Like normal, we wished them a Happy Father’s Day, asked about their plans for the day, and signed off by sending them our love. However, this year when we hung up our reality enveloped us with a bit of sadness, a glimmer of hope, and a reminder that our infertility does not own us. You see, this is the first time we have had to celebrate Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day) after making the...

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