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Rotary Lights in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Each holiday season, my parents, siblings, Husband, and I pile into their minivan and drive up the Mississippi River to La Crosse, Wisconsin. We have a single destination in mind, the Rotary Lights in Riverside Park. We visited often as young children and stopped for a bit, but in the past few years we have picked up the tradition again. Additionally, we usually have an exchange student or two with us, and they love it as well! Driving the Rotary Lights Walking the Rotary Lights The last few years we have taken to driving halfway into the display and...

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Our Travel Christmas Tree Ornament Tradition

Most of my cherished Christmas traditions are deeply rooted from my childhood. My favorite tangible holiday tradition is our travel Christmas tree. This tradition was started by my parents during our family vacations. Before each trip was over, we would stop by a tourist gift shop and find an ornament. In an ideal world, these ornaments would say the name of the location and year we visited. More often than not, we would settle just for the name of the location. Once or twice we even had to fashion an ornament out of a keychain! As I grew older and...

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Visiting Independence National Historical Park

Hubs and I took his parents on a quick weekend trip to Philadelphia. As they stayed with us for 6 weeks, they had explored DC and the immediate area. However, we wanted to share a brief overview of Philadelphia with them. While in town, we drove them around to see different neighborhoods and the amazing public art scene. Of course, we are not able to go on a trip without hitting at least one National Park Service unit. Thankfully, they love history just as much as we do and selected Independence National Historical Park in downtown Philadelphia. This was...

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10 Reasons I’m Thankful for Our Public Lands

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, the November #FindYourPark Photo Challenge was all about being thankful for our public lands. The challenge originally only consisted of 8 days, but due to the popularity of this particular challenge it was extended through the Thanksgiving holiday. I typically participate in photo challenges via Twitter. For this challenge, I also decided to share my photos on my blog’s Facebook page and in this blog post. I hope you enjoy the photographs I selected for this challenge from my various national park adventures.

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Shenandoah National Park Fall Foliage

There are few things in life I enjoy more than afternoon drives during fall. The colors of leaves and constantly changing landscapes resulting from the falling leaves never fails to make me slow down and appreciate the world around me. Here in Northern Virginia, my favorite place to view fall foliage is in Shenandoah National Park. Each year, I try to take at least one day to drive through the park and enjoy the scenery. Learning from past fall trips, we skipped the North District of the park to avoid many of the visitors heading into the park off...

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