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Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia

A friend recently suggested we take a trip to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia, which happens to be one of his favorite day trip destinations. As soon as Hubs mentioned it to me, I jumped on my phone to do a quick search about the park. I almost always start with an image search and expand from there to see which hikes are available and if there are any nerd-friendly (i.e., education or historical) stops to be made. My quick search showed that it would be worth the trip for the falls alone, but the vistas also...

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Celebrating the National Park Service Centennial

To national park nerds like myself, the National Park Service Centennial has provided a unique opportunity to share our love of the national parks with our family, friends, and our social media connections. Being the die-hard national park nerd that I am, not celebrating the actual centennial on August 25, 2016, was not even an option for me. Hubs and I didn’t hesitate asking for the day off from our 9-to-5 jobs so that we could spend more than a few hours in the evening at a National Park Service unit. Trip Planning With only one full day to...

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National Park Map Prints

We moved into our new house last November and have been slowly working on updating the paint and decor to match our tastes. Up next on my list is decorating the office. Hubs and I have established a “I do the decorating and he has final veto power” pact. So, I’ve decided to focus on a subtle nature theme, that focuses on our various adventures through photos, tchotchke’s, and a couple prints. After a couple trips to local decor stores, I still hadn’t found the perfect prints. I then turned by search online, which of course, led me to Etsy. Within minutes...

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Battling Infertility

Infertility. It is perplexing how one single word can bring about so many emotions. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t exist, as every couple who wanted to have a child would be able to have a child. In the next best scenario, the word would be part of the phrase “we overcame infertility.” Again, every couple wishing to have a child would have one, even if they encountered struggles along the way. Unfortunately, there are too many of us who instead use the phrase “we are struggling with infertility.” And let me tell you, that struggle is real. Every. Damn. Day. Each day...

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Fair Trade Winds in Fairfax, VA

Many of my favorite shops and restaurants are those that I have stumbled upon while out wandering, and this find is no different. A quick stop for Cava Mezze Grill and now I have a new go-to store for unique gifts. Fair Trade Winds is a family-run store that specializes in “fair trade and environmentally sustainable products supporting artisans, farmers, and craftspeople from all over the globe.”

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