In honor of the National Park Week 2017, my friends over at the Nature Tech Family blog decided to host another #FindYourPark photo challenge. This time around, the photo challenge showcased various aspects of our public lands that we all can enjoy. I only participated on Twitter this time around as my world has been a bit crazy as of late. These photo challenges are one of my favorite things about the #ParkChat community and I encourage you to join us online if you are intested in parks and public lands.

Day 1 – “Hiking Up”

Day 2 – “At the Water”

Day 3 – “Underground”

Day 4 – “Wide Open Spaces”

Day 5 – “Extreme Challenge”

If you enjoyed this #FindYourPark Photo Challenge summary, view my previous participation posts at “Capturing my American” and “Reasons I’m Thankful For Our Parks“. Also, be sure to check out the #FindYourPark hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.