For an out-of-the-way island off the coast of Alaska, there were more Kodiak Island car rental options than we expected. The Kodiak Airport had two national rental car options (Avis and Budget) and both had reasonable “Alaska” rates. We found a great coupon code and ended up renting with Avis. We discovered a third option in the car lot called Rent-a-Heap – which is perfect for adventuring!

Kodiak Island Car Rental Rent-a-Heap

Rental Car Pickup

We picked up our car from the Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport (more commonly known as the Kodiak Airport) immediately after our flight landed. It is impossible to miss the rental car counters in the one-room Kodiak Airport terminal (image below). Honestly, the airport is so tiny that you can see the check-in desk, TSA, and boarding gate without turning your head! 

Kodiak Island Airport Terminal

Drive at your own Risk

Kodiak Island rental car companies are not responsible for broken car windows and punctured tires. Each renter must sign a waiver that indicates that will pay for any damage done to the windows, tires, and body on their rental car. This can be a bit startling for some, but road conditions in certain areas of the island are rough and are driven “at your own risk”.

Kodiak Island Car Rental Notice

Best Type of Rental Car for Kodiak Island

We spend a little more than normal and rented a small SUV for our travels around the island. During our trip planning, we read that some of the roads were not up to the “standards” of visitors from the Lower 48. While we didn’t have a problem with our decision to pay a little extra for the SUV, the roads we traveled on weren’t any worse than typical gravel roads in the midwest. The SUV did provide good peace of mind as we spent the majority of our time exploring the seemingly uninhabited island by road. 

Kodiak Island Car Rental

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