For the entire month of May, my friends over at VanFullFun challenged their Twitter followers to post a photo a day about something that brings them joy. Participants tagged their photos with the hashtag: #MonthOfJoy. Y’all know how much I love a good photo challenge, so there wasn’t a question about my participation. :P  For those of you not on social media (*cough* mom), I’ve shared my posts below. I’ve broken this up into three different posts so that it is easier to digest. Enjoy!

#MonthOfJoy Days 1 through 10

I focused the first few days of the #MonthOfJoy photo challenge on things that bring me joy. Obviously, Hubs took the first day. After that, I followed the organically developing theme (lots of flower sharing, etc.) or other things that bring me joy, like my dog and ice cream! 

Click here to see the second and third posts in the #MonthOfJoy series or view all my photo challenge posts.

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