For the entire month of May, my friends over at VanFullFun challenged their Twitter followers to post a photo a day about something that brings them joy. Participants tagged their photos with the hashtag: #MonthOfJoy. Y’all know how much I love a good photo challenge, so there wasn’t a question about my participation. :P  For those of you not on social media (*cough* mom), I’ve shared my posts below. I’ve broken this up into three different posts so that it is easier to digest. Enjoy!

#MonthOfJoy Days 11 through 20

As the month progressed, I focused on finding joy in my daily life. I could even find joy while attending a work conference – nothing beats room service after a long day! After my work conference, I shared posts from my family visit in Wisconsin.

Click here to see the first and third posts in the #MonthOfJoy series or view all my photo challenge posts.

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