As I’ve previously written, throughout 2016 there have been several celebrations to honor the National Park Services’s Centennial. During the year, my dear #ParkChat friends over at the Nature Tech Family blog have hosted a #FindYourPark photo challenge – which plays off the official centennial hashtag. These photo challenges showcase our public lands, as well as support the #FindYourPark initiative.

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, the November #FindYourPark Photo Challenge was all about being thankful for our public lands. The challenge originally only consisted of 8 days, but due to the popularity of this particular challenge, it was extended through the Thanksgiving holiday. I typically participate in photo challenges via Twitter. For this challenge, I also decided to share my photos on my blog’s Facebook page and in this blog post. I hope you enjoy the photographs I selected for this challenge from my various national park adventures.

Day 1 – Thankful for Majestic Mountains

Day 2 – Thankful for Clean Water Sources

Day 3 – Thankful for Fields/Prairies

Day 4 – Thankful for Rangers/Staff/Volunteers

Day 5 – Thankful for Canyons/Geology

Day 6 – Thankful for History/Culture

Day 7 – Thankful for Wildlife

Day 8 – What I am Thankful For

Day 9 – Thankful for Wildflowers/Flora

Day 10 – Thankful for Architecture