Sara Beth’s 40 Before 40 List

If you are a frequent blog reader you have likely stumbled upon someone’s “40 before 40” list. These lists are frequently created as lists of personal challenges. I’ve always looked at them as mini bucket lists. We all have a bucket list, whether it is written down or mental. My list is rather short as I have several quest lists. My quest lists are things like visiting all 50 states, visiting all the US national parks, visiting all the countries in Europe, etc. I’m an odd duck, what can I say?

In line with my goal to be more intentional this year, I decided it was time to revisit these lists. I started by pulling items off my various lists and made a few additions to round it out. Of course, this required a quick calculation to figure out when I would be turning 40 (Dec. 2022)! Ugh, let’s just not dwell on that date! Anywho, I really want to refocus my energies on positive, enriching life experiences. Hopefully, my “40 Before 40” list will help me along this journey.

My 40 Before 40 List

  1. Visit a new continent.
  2. Volunteer for the National Park Service.
  3. Visit Congaree National Park.
  4. Visit the Kickapoo Reserve. (I cannot believe I’ve never done this!)
  5. Visit two out of the way sites related to my ancestry.
  6. Attend a Packers game with my extended family.
  7. Meet a distant relative in person.
  8. Visit Yosemite National Park.
  9. Index 250 people/records on
  10. Run a mile without stopping.
  11. Go camping.
  12. Visit Sequoia National Park.
  13. Complete an 8+ mile hike.
  14. Spend the night in a tree house.
  15. Attend a professional hockey game.
  16. Visit Kings Canyon National Park.
  17. Take a pottery making class.
  18. Plant a garden.
  19. Read the Harry Potter series. (yes, I know I’m behind the curve)
  20. Attend Farm Aid.09/17/16
  21. Complete a 5k.
  22. Complete a non-payoff hike (no lakes, rivers, etc.).03/25/17
  23. Take a local brewery, winery, or distillery tour.
  24. Give up all pop (soda for you non-Wisconsinites) for 30 consecutive days.
  25. Knit a scarf.
  26. Publish an ebook.
  27. Greet an Honor Flight.
  28. Take a solo vacation.
  29. Visit Joshua Tree National Park.
  30. See Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds in concert.09/17/16
  31. Spend the night in a unique dwelling (tipi, yurt, train car, etc.).
  32. Go zip lining.
  33. Go for high tea.
  34. Escape from an Escape Room.
  35. Learn yoga.
  36. Fly first class.  – 12/22/2016
  37. Sew an item of clothing and wear it.
  38. Attend a group fitness class.
  39. Get family photos taken.
  40. See the northern lights.

Interested in Creating a 40 Before 40 List?

What would be on your “40 before 40” list? I found some inspiration for my list by googling “40 before 40” and there are a ton of results! Share any ideas you have for your list in the comments below or leave a link to your list when you have it finish.

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