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“The Spirit of the Mountain: The Story of Shenandoah National Park” Distance Education Curriculum

I’m not sure about your 9-to-5 lunchtime habits, but I often find myself surfing national park-related websites during my lunch breaks. During one of these recent searches, I stumbled upon a new-to-me section on Shenandoah National Park’s website. The image stood out to me as it featured a historical picture of a man standing in a giant meadow with buildings along the distant treeline. Of course, I clicked to learn more and was delighted to find a new interactive education module called Spirit of the Mountain: The Story of Shenandoah National Park.  Spirit of the Mountain: The Story of Shenandoah National Park According...

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2018 National Park Service Free Entrance Days and a Glance at Historical Trends

What are Free Entrance Days? Each year, a list of National Park Service Free Entrance Days is released. These are days on which entrance fees will be waived to all 400+ National Park Service units. On fee-free days, visitors do not need to pay an entrance fee to access the park and may also receive discounts or free access to stores, tours, and other amenities. These days are especially important for people who cannot afford nor have the necessary transportation to visit National Parks.  Why do National Parks Collect Entrance Fees? While the majority of the NPS’s units do...

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

By many accounts, 2017 was a complete and utter dumpster fire. My mom had two strokes, the Cheeto-in-Chief is leading an attack our public lands, and I’ve been in a walking boot since early May. Life in 2017 has been crazy, to say the least, and I’m so ready to say hello to 2018! Similar to last year, I have selected a personal mantra to focus on throughout the year instead of making resolutions. In addition, I made a stretch goal this year to get back on the hiking trail. I’ve shared a little background on each of these...

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2017: A Year in Review

Last year, I shared a month-by-month summary of 2016 and wanted to do a year in review for 2017. A lot changed from 2016 to 2017, including that my mother had two strokes, and I injured my ankle and had to have a major reconstructive surgery. Basically, I’m so glad 2017 is over. Due to my mother’s strokes, I made many trips home to Wisconsin. During these trips, I not only got to see and care for her but also got to visit with family and attend a lot of my youngest sister’s high school activities. My ankle surgery...

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Best of 2017 #FINDYOURPARK Photo Challenge

To celebrate the end of 2017, Nature Tech Family hosted a special Best of 2017 #FindYourPark photo challenge. This time around, the photo challenge showcased our favorite memories from our national parks and public lands. While I participated solely on Twitter, others also participated on Instagram. These photo challenges are one of my favorite things about the #ParkChat community and I encourage you to join us online if you are interested in parks and public lands. Day 1 – “Farthest Away Moment” Day 1 of the final 2017 #FindYourPark photo challenge is “farthest away moment” (physical or mental). I’m actually about to leave my farthest away physical moment: @JoshuaTreeNPS....

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