One of my favorite aspects of adventuring, as we call it in my family, is that there are always little perks along the way. One recent perk happened on our recent day-trip to the North Cascades National Park Complex (read about it here and here). We stumbled upon the Cascadian Farm Roadside Stand. I would later learn that this marks the home farm location of the popular organic Cascadian Farm brand (I’m a big fan of their raisin bran cereal and peanut butter granola bars).IMG_2227

It just so happens that when we stumbled upon this pleasant surprise, I was hopped up on caffeine after a horrible night of sleep and Mr. IC was half-asleep in the passenger seat. As you can imagine, it lead to an interesting conversation in which I expressed animated shock over our surprise discovery and Mr. IC stared at me with zombie eyes and kept asking “What?”. It was honestly one of the most random conversations we’ve had and trust me when I say that we’ve had a bunch. No couple who spends as much time road tripping as we do is coherent the entire time. Plus, our quirks make us interesting, right? ;)

In the end, we ended up stopping on our way out of the park and enjoyed some homemade organic ice cream.  Mr. IC had the chocolate and I had strawberry. While the strawberry was good, the chocolate was delicious! Also, the blueberries that others had picked looked fantastic too.




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